Wealthy Traders - your financial azimuth!

Have you ever wanted to become involved in creating your future, and not go with the flow? Would you like to build and realize a small dream that will thank you for your work? We take the liberty of saying “Yes!” For you. Our team has long been actively trading in the financial market. For many years we have been working together, building up experience, knowledge, and also meeting interesting people who are ready to bring something new to the development of the community. Expanding the borders and increasing the level of income, none of us ever wanted to rest on our laurels! Each person from our team was able to become a successful trader and investor, actively working in a team is the key to financial independence. Thanks to the common efforts and result, we decided to build our future by creating a new large-scale project in which each partner will find a place for himself! We are implementing a new unique project, and we want to work together with those who set themselves worthy goals.

Wealthy Traders is an operating international prop-trading company that provides a full range of services for organizing trading in the financial market, trading in the most popular and highly liquid assets. We give every partner the opportunity to obtain the necessary knowledge to earn money, as well as to ensure the withdrawal of applications on world exchanges. We are interested in building trustful mutually beneficial relations with each project participant and cooperating on a long-term basis.

Why choose Wealthy Traders?

  • Interactive service with artificial intelligence;
  • Withdrawal of applications for interbank and major world exchanges (AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ);
  • Optimized trading platform ActTrader for trading;
  • Full support of the partners trading account, providing statistical data and assistance in maintaining the working trading platform;
  • Awide selection of the most liquid trading instruments;
  • High-quality training in trading at various levels;
  • Powerful information and analytical base; 
  • Organization of special seminars, webinars and conferences with the participation of current traders of our team;
  • Access to various Wealthy Traders materials and authoring;
  • The opportunity to communicate with our partners, traders and project participants online.
  • Convenient, intuitive website for a large community of traders and investors;
  • More than 9 years of successful team work experience in the stock and foreign exchange markets;
  • Very favorable trading conditions from our partners.

With Wealthy Traders you will find a competent and reliable partner. We wish that worthy people could become part of a unique project and see their future, and not fear for their financial well-being. Everything that will depend on us, we will fully implement. Having received the result and profit, you yourself will be ready to vouch for us!

Wealthy Traders is our small world designed to give every member
     the opportunity to become better, smarter and richer!

Prospects and reasons for creating the Wealthy Traders project

Given today's realities, trading currency and stocks on the stock exchange is a very profitable business, competing with the sale of real estate, entrepreneurship, banking and other highly profitable businesses. It should be noted that the profession of a trader has a significant advantage - only you generate financial income, relying on your knowledge, experience and skills. Trading is one of the most non-trivial specialties that a disciplined person can master. Trading in the financial market has great potential and opportunities for continuous growth. With proper skill and diligence, you can achieve not only a high financial income, but also develop your will, self-control, spirit, patience, and also learn to think more globally, based on logic, facts and your experience. If you believe in yourself, then trading will be an excellent activity for you. 

For 9 years, our team has been actively trading in the financial market and investing in profitable projects, which brings us the main income from this industry. For this reason, we know for sure what interests professional traders and how to train beginners in effective trading. Working in the investment financial sector, we strive to meet Western standards - a high level of service, quality training material, providing all the necessary services and programs for traders, constant monitoring of new information, studying and researching all areas related to the stock exchange and foreign exchange market.

Key Benefits of Wealthy Traders 

  • Favorable conditions for partners
  • High tech level
  • Structuring knowledge
  • Investor partnership
  • Teamwork and trade 
  • Profitable Trading Strategies 
  • Company money management
  • The growing popularity of the project

About us

Wealthy Traders is the result of the diligent and effective interaction of a group of professional traders since 1999. Thanks to the expansion of the staff of traders, the improvement of trading techniques and the exchange of experience, the new project has received a number of advantages for reaching an international level. Having achieved stability and development exponentially, the leading traders decided to establish an officially registered company. Since 2015, the formed team has carried out a series of rebranding activities. We combined common efforts, directing them to create the best prop-trading company in the CIS.

Wealthy Traders in its foundation is a unique independent project for traders and investors, which was created by a team of professionals with rich experience in the financial sector. We are constantly looking for capable and successful traders who want to join us and earn serious money. This approach to business is the foundation in the existence of the company and the reason for its constant development. With us, you can improve the productivity and quality of your work on the stock exchange and Forex, learn new things, and always rely on the support of colleagues. With the proper level of knowledge and effectiveness, the trader can get the trading capital of the prop company in his management.

At this stage, Wealthy Traders manages a portfolio of more than $ 7 million and is one of the 10th largest prop-trading companies in the world. Our team cooperates with commercial organizations related to financial activities, world-class brokers that provide the withdrawal of applications for the interbank and stock exchanges of America - AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ. A new project is a step of each representative of the community of proprietary traders to reach a new level of positioning and obtaining results that all WT participants will be proud of.