Prop trading - new frontiers in finance!

Wealthy Traders is one of the leading proprietary trading companies in the world, which collaborates with the largest stock exchanges, reliable international brokers and investment funds.

What is prop trading?

Most traders and investors have not heard of prop trading, without delving into the main details of this definition. However, it is worth knowing to everyone who is seriously interested in connecting themselves with the financial market. Prop trading is a special kind of financial activity of companies that trade in various assets around the world, using the turnover of equity. Most prop companies are professional traders to whom the company provides certain trading capital for management. Terms of cooperation and distribution of profit / risk are agreed in advance. The main difference from other financial organizations is that only company funds are used in the work, and not attracted clients' money. The main income of prop companies is the capital that was earned during the trading of all traders for a certain period of time.

Wealthy Traders provides consulting support to partners who are ready to enter the foreign exchange and US stock markets - financial institutions, groups of traders and individuals. A team of specialists provides comprehensive training for trading, provides access to the best trading and graphic platforms for trading on the exchange, instructions for managing software, as well as special services to improve the performance of traders.

We are only interested in the profitable work of our partners. Each project participant can count on our full support. Having proved to us his professional suitability, the team will be able to provide you with a decent capital management that will make it possible to earn good money.

If you are disciplined, ambitious and have a great desire to start a trader's career, we will provide you with such an opportunity!

Advantages of prop companies:

  • Training and training for trading
  • Access to professional software
  • Tart capital provided
  • Monitoring and analysis of work
  • Support and assistance for traders
  • Established cooperation with brokers

The main principles of prop companies:

  • Search and selection of partners. A constant search for worthy traders who are ready to work for the result and make a profit. Only with the infusion of fresh forces into the project can the best be selected, diversifying capital, as well as increasing the effectiveness and revenue of the company.
  • Providing trading capital. The prop company allocates money for each active trader who will trade the currency or stock market according to pre-agreed rules. A trader can not invest his money, working only with the capital of the company.
  • Justification of risks. The company takes all risks solely upon itself. For risk management, departments are created with narrow-profile specialists who control the trading process of all traders through separate software.
  • Providing quality materials. Prop trading companies are always interested in ensuring that partners have access only to truly proven materials that will enable them to effectively trade in the financial market. The well-being of all project participants depends on the reliability of the strategy and trading tools that are used to work with assets.
  • Teamwork. Partners and employees can count on mutual assistance. The whole team of the company is aimed at a common positive result. This can be achieved through the combination of different styles and trading tactics, joint trading, training, work on mistakes, analysis and control.
  • Income / loss management. Representatives of the company according to the results of the reporting month pay traders profit after the agreed time. In case of losses incurred, losses are compensated from the budget.