Trading - the future well-being is in your hands!

Trading in the financial market is a very profitable area of activity. And the main advantage of trading is that such work does not have clearly defined boundaries. The level of earnings depends only on the trader. You determine for yourself the work schedule with which capital you will make transactions, set the level of risk and profit taking yourself, choose the trading style, and even where you will work today. Such freedom has become very attractive to many when choosing a further profession. Of course, experienced traders know that such freedom of action is often limited by the specific rules that are necessary for profitable trading. And, nevertheless, every day there are more and more people who want to learn and join financial activities on the stock exchange.

A trader is one of the most non-trivial and multifaceted professions in the world. It is similar to private enterprise, where the owner of the company works for himself and makes important decisions on his project. Here we also deal with the ratio of risks and profits, a free schedule and other business features. In addition to the prospects of making really big money with your own mind, trading is able to instill in us responsibility, punctuality, develop logic, and also discipline not only during working hours, but also in life. Constant work with big money and high responsibility will never pass unnoticed. Trading for us all becomes a teacher, opening up new opportunities and horizons.

By working for yourself with like-minded people, you will always achieve more!

Wealthy Traders is ready to help and support every partner who wants to become a successful trader. We will provide advice and full support to project participants who are ready to enter the foreign exchange and US stock markets. Our team of specialists provides comprehensive training in trading, provides access to the best trading and graphic platforms for trading in the financial market, provides instructions for managing software, as well as proven materials to increase the effectiveness of partners. The founders of the project cooperate with the world's largest brokers and stock exchanges, with various financial organizations, groups of traders and individuals. Thanks to this, we managed to provide excellent conditions for traders and investors, to provide high-quality professional software, training materials and the most necessary trading tools.

  • Becoming a trader from scratch
  • Best software
  • Practical skills improvement
  • The opportunity to become a manager of large capital
  • Live communication with like-minded people
  • Training and work with professionals 


For all traders of our project, we provide only proven and reliable trading tools that will allow you to receive relevant information when working with assets. Partners can use the active services of our site to optimize trading on both Forex and the American stock exchange. Data and news will come from proven resources that our team has been using for a long time. You will always have at hand the most necessary for profitable online trading. 

Trading platform

Over 9 years of practice, the Wealthy Traders team has been working with popular trading platforms. In this case, a lot of money must be solved. The most successful choice was ActTrader - a convenient platform for fast data processing and flexibility in configuration. Our programmers have done a great job to fine tune the system for professional traders. We have created a product in which we are truly proud.

Trading Courses

Each Wealthy Traders partner can count on information and technical support from the company. Our online service will provide training for beginners as well as experienced traders. We strongly recommend that you master the base and effective trading methods so that you no longer lose your money during trading and learn how to earn decent money in the financial market. The learning outcomes and activity of the trader will be taken into account by the artificial intelligence of the site, which the algorithm will use to generate the current rating of the project participant. 

One of the main goals of the project is to unite the community of traders and investors for the sake of financial growth, new knowledge and teamwork. The implementation of artificial intelligence on the site was necessary for the complete collection of information about the work and activity of traders. The algorithm captures all the actions of partners on the site and the trading platform, makes a clear individual assessment for them and displays it in the overall rating. This service is not only very useful information for all investors of the company, but also a good motivation for each trader to develop further and improve their performance. Healthy competition among our community is a great condition to get better! 

Open trader account

Traders can start working on the platform only after opening a trading account. After activating the account on the site, you can connect to it through ActTrader software. The process can take only a few minutes if you are already registered on our website as a trader. To replenish your trading account, you can choose one of the reliable payment systems that our partners have long been using.

Representatives of Wealthy Traders highly value reliability, punctuality, stability, as well as honesty and openness in business relations. These qualities suggest an exit and long-term cooperation with worthy partners who are interested in making a profit from the foreign exchange and stock markets. We know what traders need at any stage of work, and we are ready to provide you with everything necessary for a stable income. Wealthy Traders is your partner and like-minded person. Our team will provide you with all the necessary materials and services, as well as provide a high level of service and a competent support service, where you can turn for help on any issues.