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Data on non-farm employment in the United States of America is the monthly employment rate of residents, which is considered a significant indicator of the capital of the economy of the United States of America and also one of the more predictable main financial characteristics in the economic bazaars.

It reflects the total number of people employed in the United States of America, due to the exclusion of employees of farms, municipalities, and individual households, as well as employees of non-trading institutions. Data according to non-farm employment is usually published because of the time up to the official disclosure of the stock market of the United States of America, on the main Friday of any month, although in some cases this number can change in connection with municipal holidays.

Since nowadays almost all bazaars function in a constant order, the response in them is usually quite rapid. Explore then, to preferably realize and also find out why the Non-Farm Payrolls report is particularly relevant to your trading strategy and also how you can get admission to the village in our Next Generation Trading Desk.

What Is the Non-Farm Payroll?

The non-farm employment rate is considered one of the more predictive financial indicators for the United States economy.

The NFP report is a coefficient of the number of people employed in the economy of the United States. The NFP is published once a month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as part of the State of Employment report and also shows the number of employees formed or lost in the previous month. Similarly, the non-farm payroll asset is considered as the main capital and productivity coefficient of the United States economy as a whole as well as of the labor market in particular.

As well as necessary from the name, farm employees and also certain other groups of employees are excluded from the statistics, in this number:

  • Employees of non-profit organizations
  • Employees of private households
  • Unincorporated self-employed workers

According to the existing information, part of this non-agricultural systematization requires approximately 80% of the employees to add to the total internal production (Product).

Non-Farm Payroll dates

Specialists publish monitoring ahead of the publication of information on employment in the non-agricultural sector, focusing on the forecasted number. If information on wages falls before expectations or in no way whitens the monitoring, this can catch the bazaars suddenly and also show a positive or negative impact in the direction of the United States dollar and the major stock indices, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average. For example, higher than expected NFP characteristics have all chances to cause an increase in the direction of the United States dollar about other monetary units, in such a case the period as well as lower than expected data have all chances to show an impact in the price of the United States dollar about a basket of other monetary units, such as currency, coin or unit. Directly according to this circumstance, trading information on non-farm employment can be a significant nuance of your spread betting or CFD trading strategy.

What Is the NFP Trading Strategy?

The NFP report tends to have a big impact on any major monetary vapors, but one of the most common among traders is the English Pound/United States Dollar (GBP/USD) pair. Since the Forex exchange is open 24 minutes a day, all traders without exception have every chance to trade in the news event.

After that, as well as the exchange digests the importance of the data and initial swings, traders will enter the operation during the prevailing momentum and also the signal showing in such a case that the exchange preferred the current. This makes it possible to exclude a very premature entry into the stock exchange and also reduces the possibility that the stock exchange will get rid of the rut up to this point, as well as someone who prefers the current.

Trading the Trend

Another aspect is that traders assume that the initial trading response was correct. If after the release of information on non-farm payrolls, the stock exchange has moved rapidly into the future, then it is possible to assume that this is the basis for a change in the exchange rate in the near term.

To prove the latest rate change, traders often refer to past reference points. For example, did the unit break through the maximum movement of the previous day? Certainly, in this case, certain traders regard this as a significant change of position in the trade and also expect that the bazaars will go up.

Another aspect is to conclude the operation because of the number of minutes until the release of the number. Even though in this case it is possible to get a good income, this is its own family of “coin tossing” about the trend of movement of the trade, because at first, the bazaars have all chances to respond despite the uniform expectations. Risk management allows closing the deal, in case this judgment turns out to be wrong.

How to Trade the NFP?

Regardless of the NFP results, monetary vapors along with the United States dollar interest tend to volatility in anticipation of the announcement of the results, and also if the results significantly evade monitoring, in that case, this volatility, or rather in general, will increase.

Such high volatility inevitably reveals the trader’s abilities, but it is also accompanied by a significant increase in the notch, and thus, trading activity in the NFP trade can be dangerous. According to this circumstance, almost all traders choose not to go to the exchange at the time of its publication. At the same time, without exception when deciding to trade, it is necessary to make sure that they have appropriate risk management strategies as well as the state.

NFP Trading Strategy Example No. 1

Based on what we have learned about NFP and its potential impact on the Forex market, we can outline a basic trading strategy for NFP. Let’s consider three different scenarios using the EUR/USD currency pair as an example.

This table can serve as the basis for a simple trading strategy based on NFP when traders digest the publication and soon after take the appropriate position in the market.

However, even though this is just an example, there is a potential problem when trading NFP in this way. To better understand this, let’s look at the one-minute EUR/USD chart with the latest non-farm payroll data from October 7, 2022.

The red line shows the time of the NFP exit, and we immediately see that most of the market movement occurs during the first minute, although in this particular example, the market continues to move down for 20 minutes after that.

This highlights the problem of trading NFP after the results are announced: by the time traders have access to the results, digest the information, make a decision about actions, and then execute it, they may miss most of the market movement.

Remember that when trading on the Forex market, you are competing not only with other retail traders but also with organizations and professionals who use sophisticated equipment that allows them to take positions in the market much faster than ordinary traders.

NFP Trading Strategy Example No. 2

In general, the answer to our previous question is: yes, traders can trade NFP before the results are announced. However, this option is not recommended for novice traders.

One of how this can be done is by using the so-called OCO order. An OCO order consists of two separate but related conditional orders, where a conditional order is an order that is activated when certain criteria are met.

When using an OCO order, traders define criteria for two conditional orders. If the conditions of one order are met, then it is executed, and the other order is canceled – hence the name OCO, literally “One Cancels the Other”.

Unfortunately, the tools for creating OCO orders are not included in the standard package of the MetaTrader trading platforms. However, fortunately for Admirals clients, OCO orders can be created using the Admirals Mini Terminal, which is included in the free MetaTrader Supreme Edition (MTSE) plugin for MetaTrader 4 and 5 (MT4 and MT5).

So, using an OCO order, traders can create two pending conditional orders before the release of data on wages in the non-agricultural sector. One order – if the results beat the forecasts, the other – if the results are below the forecasts. If one of these scenarios happens and the market moves in the predicted direction, then one of the orders will be executed and the other canceled, which will potentially allow traders to catch more market movement than if they made a deal manually.

Risk Management

Although volatility in the bazaars in conjunction with the announcement regarding the release of non-farm payroll information provides traders with the opportunity to try to acquire income, it is also the one that can very quickly cause a profitless transaction. For this reason, it is very important to take an interest in risk management.

Our subconsciously clear as well as easily customizable Next Generation trading platform provides several trading tools as well as insightful information, including access to a financial numerator, a buyer sentiment tool as well and thorough review reports, which makes it possible to create the most powerful as well as a successful trading strategy.

If the conversation is about trading information according to employment in the non-agricultural sector, there is no “gray bullet”. The volatility of trading allows acquiring a significant short-term income, but together with this, there is also the danger of large short-term costs, for this reason, the placement of orders in risk management can be very necessary in this case. In case you have never traded in any way information according to the salary, in this case you can start together with the trading of minor aggregates, defining the appropriate stop-losses to protect your view.

The Bottom Line

The regularity of the trading strategy in the NFP report is based on waiting for a small consolidation, the internal bar after that, as well as the initial volatility of the report has subsided and the stock exchange selects in which course to move. By controlling the danger together with the support of a small foot, you will be able to acquire probably a significant income from the large move that is almost constantly made in the presence of the release of the NFP report.

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