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If you wish to trade or view our price information for specific devices, you must activate the appropriate subscription in the bazaar information.


The moment of subscription to bazaar information starts with the activation stage and ends at midnight* on the 1st day of the following month. The following stages will continue from the 1st day of the month until the 1st day of the following month.

After activation, the commitment to the bazaar information will be automatically prolonged at noon of the 1st day of the month, if you have a disclosed opinion or order in which the commitment to the bazaar information is extended. If you do not have any disclosed positions or orders, in which the obligation in the bazaar information expands, you will be automatically unsubscribed. You can refrain from subscription in every period, in case you have no positions or orders, in which the obligation in the bazaar information expands.

In connection with the systematization of the bazaar data and the type of your data a monthly subscription fee can be charged, detailed data about which can be found in the platform in the area “bazaar data” in the “user options”. An obligation, which is legal for half a month, is paid in full (if constructive).

If a subscription fee is charged, the commitment to the bazaar will be activated only if you have the money in your account necessary to pay for the subscription to the bazaar. The commitment to bazaar information and any payments according to the subscription (if constructive) will be automatically prolonged in the presence of open positions or orders, regardless of the presence of money. Please make sure that there is enough money in your account to reimburse these payments.

For subscription projects that are not denominated in your non-denominated currency, the payment will be converted into your non-denominated currency according to our prevailing currency conversion policy during the subscription or renewal period.

*Midnight is considered a district for any exchange or category of exchanges.

Bonuses in bazaar information

Only for high-end buyers

If you, as an individual investor, make 2 or more transactions according to the same subscription to bazaar information during the subscription period, the payment for this moment will be transferred to your result. The return will be carried out during the following calendar month.

But in case you have been systematized as an individual investor, in this case, to get the authority to return the money, you should make 5 or more transactions within one subscription to the bazaar information. Individual traders can be charged a high fee for the provision of bazaar information.

In the presence of specific conditions, this payment will be subject to Tax. For the residents of the European Union, the Tax of England is used, as England is a “supply area” by the instructions of the EU.

Conversion of monetary units

Each realized gain or loss will be automatically converted into your unit of account according to our prevailing conversion direction. Our own conversion direction will be equal to the typical value of our provision of available currency for this currency vaporization +/- 0.5%.

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